JBT Concrete mixer with pump

  • JBT Concrete mixer with pump
  • Concrete mixer with pump,Concrete mixer pump
  • JBT Concrete mixer with pump

The Concrete mixer with pump is a new type of equipment that combines functions of concrete mixer and concrete delivery pump. It uses fully hydraulic pumping system and is characterized by large concrete filing quantity and stable performance as well as smaller volume and smaller operating space. This equipment is applicable to medium and small size house constructions ranging from 2 floors to 12 floors as well as other various projects such as mine caves, road and railway tunnels, water conservation and hydropower engineering, and slope protection for geological disasters.

Technical Parameters

Items Units Parameters
Transfer Pump Maximum Theoretical Output m³/h 30
Theoretical Maximum Pumping Pressure Mpa 9
Theoretical Maximum ?Conveyor Height m 140
Theoretical Maximum Transmission Distance m 350
Distribution valve   The S tube placed valve
Conveyor Cylinder mm Φ180x1000
Master Cylinder mm Φ100/Φ70x1000
Bucket Capacity L 450
Discharging Diameter mm Φ150
Duct Diameter ? mm Φ125
Motor Power Kw 37
Voltage v 380
Full Oil Pressure Of Pumping System MPa 30
Full Oil Pressure Of Mixing System MPa 14
Maximum Mixing Speed r/min 24
The Concrete Slump Degrees Range mm 80~20
Aggregate Maximum Diameter mm Grait 40,Macadam 30
Concrete mixer Mixing volume 0.5
Mixing Motor Power Kw 5.5 Kw×2
Lifting Motor Power Kw 5.5 Kw
Voltage ?V 380
Total Dimensions mm 4270x2350x2980
Weight Kg 3300

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