JW1000 Vertical Forced Concrete Mixer

  • JW1000 Vertical Forced Concrete Mixer
  • pan concrete mixer,pan cement mixer
  • JW1000 Vertical Forced Concrete Mixer

Brief Introduction of JW1000 Vertical Forced Concrete Mixer
When JW1000 Concrete mixer is working, the blade shear, extrusion, flip and throw the materials etc., to make the material flow formed cross by strong mixing.
The machine mixing time is short, high mixing quality, flexible manipulation, discharge completely. Suitable for mixing fine aggregate, lightweight aggregate concrete, and dry, can also be used as cement mortar mixing.
JW Concrete mixer is combined with stent, platform, mixing barrel mechanical and electrical machine, mixer, reducer, electric parts etc. Mixing system is composed of motor, reducer, mixing barrel and mixing blade and shield.

Operation,maintenance procedures and safety precautions of pan concrete mixer
1. Check if the connection of electrical part the is correct,If the electrical box shell reliable grounding.
2. Check if the moving parts is functioning normally during working, If have any bad, need stop the machie, then solve it.
3. Every driving part needs to be added butter, movable pulley needs to be removed and add oil every six months.Mixed pulley needs to be removed and add oil every six months.Reducer’s lubricating oil needs to be changed every year。
4.Before start the machine, please check if the rotating part and charging barrel has friction, if have,need adjustit in time.
5. When checking and repairing machine,must stop and cut off power supply。
6.Forbid has rebar and big stone in the material, or the mixer blade will be broken.
7.Voltage fluctuation must be less than -10%—+5%。
8.Ratio of the material must be weighed accurately, insure the mix quality and veracity.

Technical Parameters

Model JW1000
Capacity(L) 1000
Discharge capacity(L) 700-800
Production rate(m3/h) ≤13
Mixing blade 5*1
Mixing motor(kW) 18.5
Mixing speed(r/min) 29
Weight(Ton) 3.1

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