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Concrete placing boom can be divided into stationary concrete placing boom, mobile concrete placing boom, self-climbing concrete placing boom, which is one of construction equipment . stationary concrete boom is also called concrete spider placing boom. This article introduces three placing booms definition and technical features.

Concrete placing boom definition
Stationary concrete placing boom, which is dedicated for railway-bridge, nuclear power and other engineering constructions, is designed by our company on the basis of specialized production of concrete spreaders for many years. Now it is a quite mature product through constant optimization and upgrading.
Mobile hydraulic concrete placing boom with "Z" shaped three sections folding arm, 360 ° rotation, which can achieve full-casting within the boom length to three-dimensional space, can easily achieve the various concrete pouring to wall, pipes, columns, piles etc. It is of high reliability, efficiency and convenience, which could be working together with concrete pump for concrete pumping and placing in construction projects.
Elevator type self-climbing concrete placing boom is used for concrete placing in high building projects. Equipped with self-climbing frames which are driven by hydraulic cylinders, could be self-climbing along elevator hoist way as building rising, which can save time and labor with high efficient.

Mobile hydraulic concrete placing boom
1. It can be placed in suitable places required without being fixed.
2. It features compact structure, lightweight and can be lifer as a whole by crane.
3. With excellent maneuverability, it can meet the requirements for concrete placement on different job sites, and it is ideas for concrete pimping and placing,
4. Easy operation, reliable safety and economical purchase.

Technical Parameters

Item Unit Models and parameter
Max. placing radius m 13 15 17 18
Big arm length m 3.7 6 6.66 7.66
Big arm elevation ° -2~84.4 0~70 0~65 0~65
Medium arm length m 4.52 5 5.73 5.73
Medium arm elevation ° 0~180 0~180 0~180 0~180
Small arm length m 4.78 4 4.61 4.61
Small arm elevation ° 0~180 0~180 0~180 0~180
Hose length m 3 3 3 3
Concrete delivery pipe mm ø125×6 ø 125×6 ø 125×6 ø 125×6
Tail rotary radius m 2.72 2.81 3.51 3.93
Total power Kw 4 4 5.5/7.5 5.5/7.5
System pressure Mpa 24 24 24 24
Rotary speed r/min 0.3—0.8 0.3—0.8 0.3—0.8 0.3—0.8
Rotary range ° 0~360 0~360 0~360 0~360
Supporting legs span m 3.15×3.15 4×4 4.6×4.6 5×5
Overall height m 2.9 2.6 3.2 3.75
Outline Dimension m 6.6*3.1*2.1      
Bare machine weight kg 2700 3230 5000 6700
Balance weight kg 2×900 2×1100 2200 2×1100
Control mode kg Panel/ Wireless remote control

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