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Horizontal shaft mixer can be divided into single shaft mixer and twin shaft mixer producing heavy-duty concrete products and having high quality output and durable, long life operation, which available with spiral blades or paddles for wet or dry materials.


Horizontal shaft mixer structure is designed similarly to turbin concrete mixers, the features of horizontal shaft cement mixers
Mixing Tank
1/4” drum wall on Models 8, 16, 21 and 30
5/16” drum wall on Models 54, 81 and 100
1/2” end plates on Models 8, 16, 21, 30 and 54
3/4” end plates on Model 81 and 100
3” drain in center of tank bottom

Liners materials are important for horizontal shaft mixer
Cast ni-hard drum liners
Abrasion resistant steel side liners
All are replaceable, bolted segments

Shaft Assembly - main parts of horizontal cement mixers
Cast NI-Hard mixing paddles (or spiral blade)
Abrasion resistant steel side wipers
Replaceable wear guards for shaft
Sealed, self-aligning pillow block bearings
Lubrication cup with visual level indicator and spring-operated feeder for proper lubrication

Shaft Seals - maybe protect shaft mixer
Primary double-labyrinth seal and secondary “cat” seal
Split construction for field servicing
Both seals are purged with “Vellox 3” grease
4-point remote lubrication panel

Drive Train - providing power for horizontal shaft mixer or other motor / gas / oil concrete mixers
Shaft mounted reducer on Models 8, 16, 21 and 30
Planetary transmission on Models 54, 81 and 100
Belt-driven input
Output shaft coupled directly to mixer shaft

Discharge Door
Located in rear of drum with a rubber door seal
Air cylinder operated linkage with discharge valve
Flow control valve for speed adjustment
Air line lubricator and moisture trap
Mixer Cover

Steel top cover lid
Dual hinged access doors in front and back of mixer
Doors include ‘doors closed’ interlock switches
Doors and top cover are gasketed for dust containment

Horizontal shaft mixer adopts high-grade machinery enamel technology to paint, the surface of concrete mixers are smooth, unblemished and polishing etc.


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