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Vibration impactor tamper is used to compact the sand, gravel, the mixture of the lime, clay and sand to which water is added, the asphalt sand stone, lean concrete and clay. It is used in the compactness of the road, bridge foundation, house, reservoir dam, especially the narrow worksite, such as the floor inside house, yard and trench, it is competent at the construction that the large and middle impacting machinery cannot do. And this tamper can be divided into gasoline and vibrator impact temper.

It features small size, light weight, high impact capacity, high production efficiency, high edge-closing performance, simple operation, convenient moving, safe and reliable. The key parts as the folding box, damping block and spring are up to the standard. It is superior to the same product of its kind at home in the aspects of fatigue resistance and ageing resistance.

Technical Parameters

Model HCD70 HCD80 HCD80T HCD90A
Jumping height(mm) 40-65 40-65 40-65 40-65
Impact strength(N.m) 56 60 60 60
Speed of advance(m/min) 10-13 15-25 10-13 10-13
Times(times/min) 420-650 250-750 420-640 420-650
Motor power(KW) 2.2 3 3 3
Weight(kg) 70 75 82 90
Size(mm) 300*280 300*280 300*280 300*280

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